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“Conversion.” If someone has taken your personal property or is preventing you from using it, you may have a legal claim or remedy, which the law calls “conversion.” Basically, conversion occurs when one person takes another person’s personal property for his or her own use. More precisely, common law conversion occurs when one person owned, had legal possession of, or was entitled to possession of personal property; another person assumed and exercised dominion and control over the property in an unlawful and unauthorized manner, to the exclusion of and inconsistent with first person's rights; the first person made a demand for return of the property; and the second person refused to return the property.

The Dietrich Law Firm has experience representing individuals and companies in court concerning claims of conversion. If you or your business has a conversion claim, The Dietrich Law Firm may be able to help. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. The firm only represents clients based upon a signed, written agreement. The firm sometimes offers a free, no obligation, initial, in-office consultation. 

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