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Breach of Contract

Pacta sunt servanda: The ancient and fundamental legal principle that agreements must be kept.

Promises were made, words exchanged, e-mails sent, faxes received, letters mailed. Do you have a contract? Promises were broken, words not kept, actions not taken, goods not made, checks not written. What can you do? Not all promises or agreements are contracts. Was a legally enforceable promise or agreement - a contract - made? If a contract was made, what are your rights and remedies? If you have been sued, what defenses do you have?

Even if the parties did not enter into an express contract, the law may still imply a contract. Although no contract may exist, legally enforceable rights and obligations may arise from the parties’ relationship. Similarly, just because the parties have not formally signed a document does not mean that no contract exists or that other enforceable rights and obligations do not exist.

Contracts are made - and broken - every day, but when it counts enough to be in court, you need a lawyer who is experienced, tenacious, dependable, and who will fight for your company. We have represented companies from throughout the United States and from foreign countries, including China, in breach of contract lawsuits in Texas.

The firm has more than 25 years of experience representing businesses in breach of contract lawsuits. If you think you have a contract that has been broken, or if someone claims you breached a contract, we may be able to help. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. The firm only represents clients based upon a signed, written agreement. In some circumstances, we offer a free, no obligation, initial, in-office consultation.

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