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Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Agents: real estate agents, partners, escrow agents, attorneys, and others are all a part of modern life. What legal obligations - duties - do your agents or representatives owe to you? 


Conversely, as an agent or representative, what duties do you owe to those who have hired you? For some agency or representative relationships, the law imposes heightened duties - fiduciary duties.

If you believe you have suffered harm as a result of what one of your agents did, or did not do, the law may provide you with a breach of fiduciary duty claim. What are your rights and remedies? Conversely, if someone claims you breached fiduciary duties owed to them, what defenses do you have?

The Dietrich Law Firm has experience representing people and businesses in court in breach of fiduciary duty disputes. If you think you may have been harmed by what one of your agents did, or did not do, or if someone is suing you for breach of fiduciary duty, The Dietrich Law Firm may be able to help. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. The firm only represents clients based upon a signed, written agreement. The firm offers a free, no obligation, initial, in-office consultation.

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